Handmade Panettone with candied apricots - 800g DOLCEAMARO

43,90 €

Naturally leavened panettone with semi-candied apricots.
The Panettone from the Dolceamaro Pastry Shop in Parma is artisanal and is packaged fresh, without preservatives. Precisely because of these characteristics, its shelf life is very short, lasting up to 40 days from the date of production.
The classic dough is made of flour, eggs, butter, Madagascar vanilla pods and a soft, sweet heart of many apricot pieces. Incredibly elegant and with an enveloping and enthralling fragrance... simply special.
It is a very rich but extremely digestible panettone thanks to the long leavening process and the use of high quality raw materials. It has no preservatives, semi-finished products, flavourings or vegetable fats. It is 100% artisan and therefore made entirely by hand, with passion, as tradition dictates.
A truly special panettone to bring to your table!

Ingredients: Flour 00, Butter, Sugar, Armogian apricots (apricots, glucose syrup, sugar, citric acid E330), Water, Egg yolk, Sourdough, Italian acacia honey, orange paste (orange peel, glucose syrup and cane sugar), Dried wheat flour 0, enzymes, Salt, Vanilla berries. GLAZE: sugar, egg white, almonds, rice starch, ermelline hazelnuts, honey. The apricots are carefully selected, however, the absence of stones is not guaranteed.
Store in a cool, dry place.
We recommend keeping it for at least a day in a well-heated environment, it will release
its aromas and will be softer.
Shelf life: 40 days from date of production