Nougatine chocolates - 500g VENCHI

31,50 €

Iconico: Venchi tradition in a chocolate. Nougatine chocolates: chopped and caramelised IGP Piedmont hazelnuts covered in 56% pure dark chocolate.Since 1905 the recipe has not changed: a heart of chopped and caramelised IGP Piedmont Hazelnuts covered in pure 56% dark chocolate. Each Nougatine tells us a sweet story: the journey that brought exotic cacao to meet crunchy IGP Piedmont Hazelnuts.

INGREDIENTS: Caramelised IGP Piedmont Hazelnuts (sugar, IGP Piedmont Hazelnuts 48%) 66.2%, Cocoa mass, Sugar, Cocoa powder, Cocoa butter, Coating agent: gum arabic, Emulsifier: SOY lecithin, Natural vanilla flavour. MAY CONTAIN TRACES OF OTHER NUTS AND MILK. GLUTEN-FREE