Marshmallow Mix jar - 175g LE MONELLE

8,50 €
Gluten Free

Treat yourself to something special with the Marshmallow Mix jar - 175g LE MONELLE! This cute container ensures your marshmallow will stay fresh and fluffy wherever you go. Perfect for gifting to children and the young-at-heart alike, it's the ideal way to enjoy a sweet treat with friends!

Ingredients: glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, water, gelling agent: food gelatine, maize starch, colourings E100 ,E120, E133, E153, ingredient with colouring power: safflower extract, thickener E414 , solubilised MILK ALBUMINE, acidifier E330, moisture stabilising agent E422 , emulsifier E322 , colourings: E132, E172
May contain traces of egg