Lietta Light Anis & Licorice Candy - 1kg pack FARBO

25,50 €

Italian anis and licorice light hard candies. Sugar free and gluten free in packs of 1 Kg

Ingredients: sorbitol, licorice powder spray, anethole, anise essential oil, licorice aroma, sweetener: aspartame; WARNINGS: contains a source of phenylalanine.
Nutritional informations (for 100 g)
Energy 1014 Kj - 243 Kcal
Fats 1 g
of which Saturates 0 g
Carbohydrates 96 g
of which Sugars 0 g
of which Polyols 96 g
Fibers 0 g
Proteins 1 g
Salt 0 g