Licorice sticks dragees - 1kg KING REGAL

12,50 €
Gluten Free

Colorful sugary candy filled with licorice. Licorice dragees are a unique and delicious treat that combines the distinctive flavor of licorice with a crunchy, sweet texture. These small treats are coated with a hard, shiny outer layer that comes in a variety of bright colors.When you bite into the licorice dragees, the outer layer breaks to reveal a soft, sweet licorice-flavored center. They are a popular treat among licorice lovers and can also be enjoyed by those looking for a different flavor and texture.

Ingredients : sugar, molasses , starch ( corn , rice ) ,water , glucose and fructose syrup , modified starch ( potato ) , 0.3 % licorice extract , emulsifiers : E471 , humectants : E422 , gelling agents (cow) , salt , maltodextrin , natural flavors , colors : E100, E120, E133, E160a, glazing agents:E901, E904, E903.Gluten-free