Jawbreaker Sour Fruit Chewing gum Lollipop - 2 pcs ZED CANDY

6,50 €
Gluten FreeVeganMilk Free

JawBreaker: Giant sour fruit-flavoured Lollipop, with Bubble Gum inside. Each lollipop weighs 50g and is individually wrapped. The price quoted is for 2 pieces.

Have fun with your friends: who can finish the lollipop first?Jawbreakers are very difficult to break, but incredibly fun to eat. The candy consists of several fruity layers and has a piece of gum in the centre. Thanks to the different flavours, the taste experience is truly unique. The candy balls slowly melt at the corners of the mouth, leaving a sweet but sour aftertaste. Don't be too impatient and resist the urge to bite - you don't want to hurt your teeth!


Ingredients: dextrose, sugar, gum base, glucose syrup, acidifier: citric acid, flavorings, modified starches, wetting agent: glycerin, colors: E133, E141, E160a, antioxidant E321