Dragibus Mixed Fruits Jellies - HARIBO

13,90 €

Delicious soft & chewy mixed fruits flavoured sweets jellies HARIBO.
The whole bags are 2kg and for smaller orders candies will be sorted and repackaged in hygienic food bags.

Ingredients: sugar; glucose syrup; starch; acidifiers: citric acid, malic acid; acidity correctors: monosodium citrate, acid sodium malate; aroma; dyes: curcumin, blue patent V, vegetable charcoal, plant carotenes, antiociani; coating agent: carnauba wax.
Nutritional informations (for 100 g)
Energy 1592 Kj - 375 Kcal
Fats <0.5 g
of which Saturates <0.1 g
Carbohydrates 93 g
of which Sugars 59 g
Proteins <0.5 g
Salt 0.05 g