Creepy Jelly - VIDAL

3,90 €
Gluten FreeFat Free

Enjoy this fun piece originally created by Vidal Golosinas with a gelatinous texture and vibrant colors. These jelly candies in the shape of insects will conquer you with their intense flavor and originality. The format of this candy allows its mold to be reusable for games with plasticine, sand, etc. This candy is ideal for the little ones for its shape, texture and flavor.

Flavor: Strawberry, orange, lemon and apple.
Gluten free
Fat free

Two formats available:
- Case with 66 pieces approximately
- Pack of 10 pieces

Ingredients: glucose syrup, sugar, gelatin, water; humectant: glycerin; acidifier: citric acid; gelling agent: pectins; flavorings; vegetable concentrate: lemon, safflower, radish, carrot, black currant; coloring agents: E120, E133.