Licorice Gummy Sugar Free 500g pack THEOBROMA

19,04 €
Sugar free

Soft Italian gummi candies for licorice lovers. With a true, intense and refreshing taste. With natural black color given by the use of pure prized licorice extract whose properties have been known for centuries. Sugar free licorice in packs of 500 g

Ingredients: sweeteners: maltitol syrup, aspartame, acesulfame K, thickener: gum arabic, licorice 3%, stabilizer: glycerol, flavorings, coloring: charcoal
Nutritional informations (for 100 g)
Energy 815 Kj - 198 Kcal
Fats 0gr
of which Saturates 0gr
Carbohydrates 54gr
of which Sugars 0.4gr
of which Polyols 53.6gr
Fibers 34gr
Proteins 0gr
Salt 0gr