Candy Coktails - funny drinks -

Candy Coktails - funny drinks

Sep 24, 2020PPM Srl

What are candy cocktails ?

Candy drinks are an original and fun way to party together. Not just with friends under an umbrella or at a pool party.

Candy-inspired cocktails are increasingly present also in the menu of clubs and cocktail bars around Europe.

From the cities of summer nightlife such as Riccione, to large centers such as London and Amsterdam , with the addition of our favorite candies, every drink, from non-alcoholic (soft drink) to alcoholic (hard drink), acquires a completely different flavor.

When we talk about candy cocktails we are not just talking about soft drinks and soft drinks (carbonated, orange, iced tea, juices, etc.) for children. In fact, adults' drinks have increasingly discovered that by coloring themselves with the fun joy of gummy candies, marshmallows & co. can reach a new level of fun and originality !


How do you make a candy drink ?
Preparing a cocktail with candies is very simple and there are basically 2 ways: that of infusion and that of decoration.

With the first (that of the infusion) we go to affect the flavor by creating flavored cocktails with the taste of our favorite sweets.

With the second (that of the decoration) every type of drink is embellished by decorating it with candies so as to enrich not only the aesthetics but also the texture, giving shape to greedy "eat and drink".

In this way, new and original drinks can be created with candies and sweets, or revisited the great classics of cocktails and aperitifs.

The basic candies for a delicious candy cocktail
Candy cocktails are perfect in any context and occasion. For an after dinner or an aperitif with friends. In a themed event at home or in a club (night of San Lorenzo, Ferragosto, Halloween, New Year, Carnival, Valentine's Day, etc.). During a wedding, birthday or company party. But what are the types of confectionery that are best suited to making candy-inspired drinks?

If we look at cocktails decorated with candies, we can make fun and thirst-quenching candy drinks starting from any type of sweets. If, on the other hand, we are talking about cocktails made by infusing candies, some types of sweets are better than others.


Sweets for infusion

If you are looking for the perfect sweets to make candy cocktails from candies you are in the right place.

The types that best lend themselves to infusion are mainly 4 and you can find them all in our online sweets shop.

To create the flavored "liquid base" from which to start your candy cocktails, just put one of these 4 types of sweets infused in an alcoholic liquid and let it rest for a few hours to a whole night (the longer the better the time will be the extraction of flavor). candy canes, hard candies, gummy candies, chewy licorice. If you use hard candies and candy canes, before infusing them, you will need to crumble them in order to speed up and maximize the flavoring of your cocktail and once the infusion is finished, remove any residues with a sieve. If, on the other hand, you want to make your candy cocktail starting from gummy candies, just put them in infusion. Gummy candies and gummy liquorice compared to hard ones give you the advantage that not only the aroma of the candies will pass to the alcohol of your choice (vodka, rum, whiskey, etc.) but vice versa this will flavor the gummy ones which, being still whole, they can be used to garnish your cocktail.

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