Soft and velvety spreadable Gianduia fondant with 40% Piedmont I.G.P. hazelnuts, made only with natural ingredients. Ingredients: HAZELNUT Piedmont I.G.P. 40%; sugar; low-fat cocoa powder...
Gianduia dark hazelnut spread cream without palm oil with 30% hazelnuts and 14% cocoa: skilfully roasted first choice hazelnuts and only the finest cocoa blend....
Spreadable cream with Santo Domingo low fat cocoa powder. Delicious chocolate cream made from SANTO DOMINGO cocoa and Hazelnutnut butter from one of the best...
9,60 € 10,40 €
1 pc
Intense dark chocolate spread without palm oil. Ingredients: sugar; low-fat cocoa powder (15%); vegetable oil (sunflower; safflower and rice in varying proportions); vegetable fat (palm;...
10,90 € 11,00 €
1 pc
Cuba Rhum spreadable dark chocolate cream in a chocolate jar with original Rhum tanning. INGREDIENTS: Extra dark chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: SOY...
5,50 € 5,90 €
1 pc
Rossana's quality meets the gluttony of dark chocolate!Crème di Rossana with chocolate is a spreadable cream with dark chocolate, to be combined as you like,...

Dark Chocolate Spread

Dark Chocolate spread, chocolate with hazelnuts or just cocoa to spread!

The chocolate spread, or let's just call it Dark Nutella substitute .

For true lovers of dark chocolate, these creams are heaven!

Try out our intense dark chocolate spread on freshly baked rolls or bread slice at breakfast.

Our exquisite selection not only offers the classic hazelnut spread in the best quality, but you can also buy many variants on our  online shop.

Have you ever tried our creams on the crepe, with ice cream or even hearty with cheese? 

The spread as a little break from everyday life

Our chocolate spreads and gianduia creams are always of top quality and, moreover, so delicious that you will surely nibble with a spoon one time or the other - you can do that!