Assorted Chocolates - 250g box VENCHI


  • Assorted chocolates in three recipes: white, dark and milk in a handy photo gift box. It contains: Chocomousse Fior di Latte made from a Fior di Latte and cocoa cream mousse wrapped in a milk chocolate shell and Chocomousse Cuor di Cacao made from an extra-dark cream mousse wrapped in a Cuor di Cacao 75% shell. On top of that, Cubotto with extra-dark filling in a Cuor di Cacao 75% shell with Olive Oil, salted-white truffle made from butter ganache, cocoa and salted Piedmont Hazelnuts, Sicilian almonds and toasted pistachios for a deliciously sweet and salty sensation. For our range of truffles, these are produced in a process similar to the way pasta is made: the paste is cold-pressed to obtain a product in which the ingredients are individually visible inside the truffle. The Truffle is then dusted with cocoa powder. Not containing chocolate, but a mixture of cocoa and hazelnuts, the truffle is not a chocolate, but a sweet, typically Piedmontese.
  • Ingredients: 
  • Nutritional informations (for 100 g)
Energy  Kj -  Kcal
Fats  g
of which Saturates  g
Carbohydrates  g
of which Sugars  g
Proteins  g
Salt  g