Handmade Panettone with sac à poche Pistachio - DOLCEAMARO

47,46 €

500g panettone without sultanas and without candied fruit, to be filled with pistachio cream.
Each package contains a sac à poche to fill your panettone with a delicious handmade pistachio cream.
Cut off the tip of the sac à poche and enjoy filling your cake.
A delicacy for your Christmas, and a gift idea that would surprise anyone!

Panettone Ingredients: Flour 00, Butter, Sugar, Water, Yolk, Mother yeast, Italian acacia honey, Dried wheat flour type 0, enzymes, orange paste (orange peel, glucose syrup and cane sugar), Salt, Vanilla berries. GLAZE: sugar, egg white, almonds, rice starch, ermelline hazelnuts, honey. Store in a cool, dry place.We recommend keeping it at least a day in a well-heated place, it will release. its aromas and will be softer. Shelf life: 40 days from date of production
Pistachio cream Ingredients: sugar, vegetable oils and fats (palm, sunflower), pistachio 15%. skimmed milk powder, whey powder, cocoa butter, modified starch, E471, emulsifier; soya lecithin, salt, natural vanilla flavouring. Once opened consume in 4 days. Store in a cool, dry place.