Apricot Colomba - 1kg ALBERTENGO

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A true speciality born from the sweet and delicate flavour of the apricot combined with the tradition of leavened dough.
Make your Easter special and sweet with Albertengo Colomba.
Colomba is the traditional Italian confectionery dessert at Easter. Bring the Italian spirit to the table with the Colomba!

Ingredients: wheat flour, candied apricots 26% (apricot cubes, sugar, glucose-fructose syrup), egg yolk, butter, cane sugar, natural yeast (wheat flour), emulsifiers: mono and di-glycerides of fatty acids, sunflower lecithin; inverted sugar syrup, barley malt, salt, flavourings.
INGREDIENTS FOR THE GLAZE AND DECORATING: sugar, egg white, "IGP Piedmont Hazelnuts", almonds, almonds, rice flour.
May contain traces of soya.