Tagliatelle pesto and licorice

100 gr of Menozzi De Rosa Licorice powder
• Fresh mint 100 gr (about 8/10 sprigs)
• A generous handful of almonds
• 2 tablespoons of Parmesan cheese
• A few sprigs of basil
•Extra virgin olive oil. q.s.
•Salt to taste.
Bring a pot of water to a boil.
Cut the almonds into as small pieces as possible and set them aside.
Chop the previously washed and dried mint and basil leaves in the food processor.
Add all remaining ingredients to the food processor and blend quickly.
Pour the licorice powder into the boiling water and cook the noodles in it.
Drain and season with the pesto.
⚠️ TIP:
To keep the mint pesto bright green, we recommend placing the blades of the food processor and its container in the freezer for half an hour, before proceeding with the recipe.

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